Software Defined Radio



Plug & play Automation – RADIO IN A BOX is a complete RADIO AUTOMATION SYSTEM for small or middle sized broadcasters. Right from the start it has all functions of a modern radio automation system like playlist scheduling system, playout system with combined playlist and instant play‘s, integrated database incl. Search and statistic functions, editing and record tools and voice track functions as well as frequency splitting functions!

Zenon Software Packs



Send On-AIR | Browser | Music Manager | Universal Import


Internet / Point of Sales

Web Radio | Brand License

All In One Audio Pro

Full radio automation system: from Planning to On Air Playout inclusive local splitting for all size of radio stations

Radio in a Box

Pre-configurated automation system for radio stations, complete modular

Visual Radio & News System

Visualize your radio for the web, mobile apps or in-house TV with link to social networks. Write and manage you news Content incl. Audio and Video editors

Radio Cloud and Web Services

Cloud your content, share on all devices. Access your radio station via WEB from everywhere


Professional 24x7x365 Logging


Send On-Air

Multi-Channel Playout Server and Broadcast Automation Software

The perceived heart of every radio station is the Send On-air studio. With ALL IN ONE AUDIO we give the heart a modern, graphically oriented look which is very fast to understand. Full configurable access to all content, playlists in AUTO, SEMI AUTO or MANUAL mode and instant player makes it easy to respond to the requirement of a modern radio show


Professional multi-channel, multi-format ingest

Any file format can be imported over this tool in the database. The stored file format can be defined in the database. On importing ROTATION normalize the audio and if needed convert it on the fly and in the back. More information about your imported audio files can be added using the predefined database fields. Moreover additional fields can be added to provide further information. Broadcast-related information like Mix-Points, Intro Outro and Cut Out can easily be set within Rotation.


The DataBase browser

Database search engine View in several categories or group with Possibilities of export to other application by drag & Drop while connecting to several database. Direct pre-listing of the file in the database by double click, Erase on item in predefined categories, move some items to archive, GPI/O control for external preload and search action, Each category has own field view, customer specified Skin.

Music Manager

Professional Scheduling

With the integrated MUSIC MANAGER and COMMERCIAL EDITOR you have all tools for schedule your playlists automatically.Have full control of your playlist with individual tiles building custom clocks with flexible times and stick them all together to build your Broadcasting Day. Music manager helps you created custom days for selective content broadcasting keeping the defined rules in place.


Real time Statistics

provide RJ‘s, music and commercial department, sales department and program responsible up to date information in real time. Broadcast time for music, commercials or word, number of playouts incl. time stamps, reconciliations for music or commercial scheduling systems, on demand or real time






Seamless migration from our existing legacy system to the latest IP driven workflow. The team is fully trained to handle all aspects of the workflow right from deployment to delivery with round the clock support – SANSKAR GROUP

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Very Professional and all the commitments honoured up to the mark. – SKY WIRE BROADCAST

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